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FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

What is Dutyfree.buzz?

Dutyfree.buzz combines the world of travel and the world of shopping into one easy to use platform. It lets you find the best price of products in the routes you are travelling or plan to travel and help you maximize your savings and even save time while at airports. You can also get other important information like the allowance limits at your choice of destinations and other product promotions and schemes running at airport duty free shops from time to time. So let’s say you are travelling and you may not have much time to go to a duty free shop and look around / search for your product and check prices, we will give you all the required information well before you even reach the airport so you save the time. Or, if you have time but you always have two thoughts as to how much would the product that you wish to buy would cost at the other airport that you are travelling to. We will tell you the best prices at your destinations so that you can make the best decision.

Who can use Dutyfree.buzz?

Anyone can use it. Whether you are an occasional or regular traveler you can check the range of products and save money on duty free shopping.

An important point - checking some items may not be advisable for younger people as their purchase could be age restricted.

Why do you need my travel details (FROM / TO / DATE)

By having your travel details we are able to direct you to your desired product price details at the travel destination (From and To locations and Transit location). We can recommend the products that you may be interested in or similar other products as well that you may wish to buy. The date helps us in giving you the applicable prices or promotion on your travel date(s).

Can I buy products directly from Dutyfree.buzz?

No, dutyfree.buzz is not a shopping site but a platform that compiles the information - products / prices / promotions that are available at major airport duty free stores. This information helps you in making an informed decision and save money. You may however find a link at the end of your search that you can use to go to the web shop of the duty free retailer and purchase from there.

Dutyfree.buzz will never ask for your credit card details.

Is the website safe to use?

We believe that protecting our user’s personal information is a top priority and we use the best available technology (SSL) to keep your information safe. Once information is entered in the Dutyfree.buzz system it resides in our servers which are heavily guarded both physically and electronically. If you have any further concerns regarding the technology we use for safe file encryption feel free to email us at feedback@Dutyfree.buzz.com.

Is it compulsory to become a member to use dutyfree.buzz?

While it is not mandatory to become a member to use dutyfree.buzz, we highly recommend it so you get a delightful user experience each time you visit our site. There are some features that you get to use upon becoming a member like – you can save your searches and avoid typing in the travel details repeatedly. As a member we can share more focused information that is relevant to you, and share product and other travel related information that may be useful while travelling. You can even log in using your Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account if you wish.

Is Dutyfree.buzz available for mobile devices?

Yes. Dutyfree.buzz is available for all devices running on Android, IOS & Windows platforms and you can download and use it at your convenience on the go.

Will more products be available in Dutyfree.buzz?

Yes. In order to make your experience better, we are constantly adding more products and relevant information on prices & promotions. We will add more products as partnerships are made with global retailers. As Dutyfree.buzz grows, more products will be available to compare for the international travelers.

Exchange Rates & Global currency changes from country to country and on day to day. So how do I know how much the product costs in my currency or if it costs right?

Dutyfree.buzz checks the exchange rate from a reliable financial establishment and based on that days exchange rate, converts the prices from the local currency to your desired currency. You can even choose to see the rates in other currencies as well by choosing from a drop down list of currencies (and we will continue to add more currencies as we grow). So if you do not find your choice of currency, please write to us at feedback@dutyfree.buzz and we will surely work on to add it for your convenience.

How can I stay informed about new products that will become available on Dutyfree.buzz?

If you become a member, we will keep sharing the information that you would want to know, like new product launches, new promotions etc.

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